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Career Path

PIA of Florida is committed to the professional advancement of agents, regardless of their experience in the industry, to the very highest levels of achievement and success. To that end, we have developed a Career Path, with the input and assistance of our partners at the Professional Career Institute, that can take someone from having a general interest in entering the field, all the way to the highest levels of accomplishment through as one of the best and most profitable insurance agencies in the state.

Here are the "steps" along your career path to success:

- So you have decided that you want to get in to the insurance business? Good for you! It is a challenging, interesting, and rewarding career. Like with any industry, the first step is to learn the business, and in the case of insurance, get your license. Click on this first "step" to learn where to go from here!

Professional in Insurance Account Management (PIAM) -
Now that you are a licensed 2-20 agent, you have met the minimum qualifications to be in the business, but we all know that success never comes to those who are satisfied with the minimum. This professional designation is designed to round out your understanding of the business and teach you the real-world application of your new skills and hone them advance your rating and underwriting ability.

Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR) - If you are a liscensed 4-40 agent, you have met the minimum qualifications to be in the business, but we all know that success never comes to those who are satisfied with the minimum. Earning the Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR) designation clearly conveys your commitment to excellence in customer service and professionalism. Plus, the ACSR designation distinguishes you as being prepared to meet the complex insurance challenges your clients face.

Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA)
- Now that you are a fully trained professional agent, its time to advance those marketing, program, and sales skills. This guaranteed-success teaches you proved techniques to ensure that you are able to convert your product knowledge into profit.

Certified Professional in Insurance (CPII)
- This advanced designation is designed to take the skills of the professional insurance agent "to the next level." It includes a detailed examination and exploration of analyzing risk to determine what is needed to cover policy gaps, obtain critical endorsements, and get the very best coverage for complicated risks that will make you one of the most sought-after agents in the marketplace.

Accredited Adviser in Insurance (AAI) - You have finally reached the top of the agent career staircase. The Accredited Adviser in Insurance program gives you the tools you need to establish a clear professional advantage in the marketplace and fulfill your commitment to customer service. In today’s increasingly complex property-casualty insurance marketplace, only producers with in-depth insurance knowledge and a strong focus on customer service have a competitive edge. AAI gives you the professional education you need.


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