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Agency Success Series


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Making Your Agency Attractive to Secure New Contracts

What carriers looking for in an potential new contract.

- The biggest mistake to avoid in seeking a new contract.

- The best change you can make to get a new contract.

- How to seek a new contract.

Norbert Kluczynski - Florida Family Insurance

Automating Your Agency Cost-Effectively

- How to migrate your data into an automated system.

- Protecting your data and ensuring that it remains YOURS.

- Save time & money, versus wasting it on outdated systems.

- Using automation in your marketing.

Ken Butler - Evolution Agency Management


Hiring & Terminating Staff/Employment Law

- The most common mistake that will get you sued.

- Modifying employment benefits structure safely.

- Protecting your agency from piracy.

- The Dark Side - downsizing & termination tips.

Vanessa Hodgerson - Fowler White Boggs


Financial Management for Main Street Agents

- Key figures for agency principles.

- The "formula" for success.

- Financial management structure development.

- The secret to profitability in your agency.

Ed Langston - Langston Insurance

Improving Agency Workflow & Efficiency

The biggest obstacle to efficiency.

- Key tips to improving workflow.

- Creating accountability for your team.

- Solutions for systemizing your agency.

Grace Bauer - The Grace Bauer Group

Carrier Contract Review & Why You Need It

- What your agency actually owns & how to protect it.

- What to watch out for in a contract revision.

- Imperatives for a good contract.

- Tools for negotiating your contract.

Patricia Borowski, CPIW - PIA National

Errors & Omissions Claims Preparedness & Prevention

- Common causes of E&O claims.

- The best kept secret for E&O prevention.

- Defending E&O claims before they happen.

- How to be ready for an E&O claim.

Steve Nichols, PIA Insurance Services

Citizens Clearinghouse: What you need to know!

- How the clearinghouse will work.

- Understanding the clearinghouse application.

- Can you be denied a limited service agreement by a clearinghouse carrier?

- What will happen if there are technical difficulties.

Steve Bitar, Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

Compensation – Avoiding Wage & Hour Disputes

- Pros & Cons of various compensation methods.

- When is someone really exempt from overtime?

- Minimum wage pitfalls.

- Are you at risk for an equal pay act violation?

Vanessa Hodgerson, Fowler White Boggs

Developing Your Agency Marketing Plan

- Why your agency needs a written marketing plan.

- The essential components of an agency marketing plan.

- The best methods/mediums to reach potential clients.

- Avoiding the most common mistake in an marketing plan.

Ed Lamont, Lamont Consulting Group

Selling A Personal Umbrella

- Identifying a candidate for a personal umbrella.

- Explaining the value and importance of umbrella coverage.

- How a selling a personal umbrella helps your agency.

- Does an umbrella make you a genius or a target?

Chester Butler,

2014 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

- PIA Box Score, How did we do?

- What are the implications of what happened during session?

- What comes next for your agency?

- Where we go from here and looking ahead to next year.

David Daniel, PIA Lobbyist



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