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  • Before you meet with a legislator or staffer, know what your main message will be and what your legislator's position is on the issue.

  • Keep your message brief. Try to pare it down to three or so key points.

  • Contact Corey and let him know about the meeting. PIA of Florida can pass on important information such as details about how your legislator has advanced an issue, or issues that PIA is working on that need your lawmaker's support. PIA can also provide customized talking points and materials.

  • When meeting with a legislator, take a summary of your main points to leave behind to reinforce your message.

  • Make it personal. Use a personal story to illustrate the importance of your message and explain how the issue at hand affects the legislator's district or state.

  • Make it real. Talk about how federal or state policies will affect your agency in terms of actual products, their availability, and your ability to survive.

  • Call your member when things are going right – and invite your member or the insurance staff person to come and see first-hand what a day is like for an independent insurance agency.

  • Don't forget to say thank you if their efforts support PIA positions.

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