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The Professional in Insurance Account Management (PIAM) designation is one that all members of insurance agencies can benefit from regardless of previous experience or education. This program is designed to advance proficiency and professionalism of all agency staff including principals/managers, inside and outside producers, customer service representatives and all other company personnel.

Exceptional advertising can bring customers flooding into any agency, but can the agent’s expertise and efficiency keep them there? The answer is YES!

With the PIAM designation the agent will get the "hands on” training needed to acquire the key skills in rating, underwriting, industry changes and E&O prevention.

Need to sharpen your rating skills? No problem! PIAM will examine manual rating formulas used to rate individual insured cases. It will teach agents how to apply credits and surcharges during rating for accurate and concise product.

The underwriting section will include proper procedure for completing ACORD applications, making and submitting changes and will also focus on the steps required to fill out applications, binders and other underwriting forms appropriately. This involves but is not limited to privacy issues, Fair Credit reporting, understanding Audits, SCORE and MVRS.

As important as knowing the existing foundation to account management in insurance is, it is equally as important for agencies to stay current on industry changes. The PIAM designation is informative in both current and changing policy forms and endorsements.

The PIAM tests agents knowledge on the types of procedures that can help avoid the dreaded question: Is our E&O in force? Skills learned in this designation will assist agents in recognizing errors before submission resulting in less E&O claims. What a relief!

This designation explores each line of insurance including both personal and commercial auto, HO and dwelling property, liability and workers compensation. Excelling in and exceeding standards in all lines of insurance promotes agency account growth and professionalism.

Your customers can’t afford for you not to take this course, and neither can you!


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